"Cogito, Ergo Credo"
‚ÄčI Think, Therefore I Believe...

      Christian Apologetics Teaches Us to love God with all our Body, Soul, Strength and MIND

           We Provide Curriculum and Resources for Individual or Group Bible Study

The Thinking Christian

Blind Faith is Not Valid - We Are Called to join our faith with our minds.  And the evidence of the Truth is literally Everywhere!


We don't apologize for being a Christian - far from it.  We Must know what we believe and why, and How to help a hurting world that needs our message.

It's Time To Lead

The World Needs Our Leadership Badly - and the Truth is on our side!  It's Time for Christians To learn to speak and lead with confidence, Grace and Humility

The Questions We All Have

We Answer The "Top 10" Issues of the Christian Faith, And Provide Both Videos and PowerPoint's For Use In Studying and Teaching

Apologetics 101

A 12 Week Curriculum for individual study.

Also Available - a PowerPoint Deck for Use in Teaching or Leading Small Group Studies, and a Comprehensive Resource List

Apologetics Master Class


A Personally Guided Deep Dive Into the Details of Christian Apologetics

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