The Apologetics Master Class

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The Apologetics Master Class

After the success of the Apologetics 101 curriculum, I have been repeatedly asked for a more in depth analysis of the details, for people to build an even deeper understanding of our Faith and it’s strength, as well as how to share it.

Since I love to study and love to teach, I’m busy working on just that!

It will be a little different from what you might find in an official school – it will be more aligned to real life and real questions; and also a more modern way to learn.

Here’s a preliminary look at the Curriculum:

-  Mere Christianity:  A Systematic Theology for the 21st Century

-  Logos and Love – The Uniqueness of Christianity and the Answers the World is Seeking

-  Survey of the Bible and It’s Relevance to the Modern Christian and World

-  Overview of Other Faith Systems and How They Fail to Answer Our Basic Needs

-  Critical Thinking and Epistemology:  The Right Way to Think, and How to Recognize Error

-  Heroes of The Faith and Their Apologetics (Finding Your Model of Ministry)

-  How to Spot Doctrine in the Culture – Finding Common Ground to Discuss

-  Scientific Apologetics and Theology

-  Modeling Christ:  Gentleness and Respect in Storytelling (parables)

-  The Problem of Evil

-  How to Determine God’s Will for Your Life and Personal Ministry – Leveraging Our Personal Skills

-  Establishing an Apologetics / Outreach Ministry in Your Church

The Method of Study / Outcomes:

-  Engage a Pastor / Mentor for Encouragement, Accountability, and Proctoring

-  Develop an Understanding of the Big Picture and Learn to Place Everything in Its Perspective

-  Develop a “Life’s Curriculum” that Documents / Compiles our Studies and Helps Identify and Align with your Personal Ministry Plans. (Personalize your message and testimony via the Apologetic method)

-  Analysis and Interpretation:  Develop your own words to compare to standard answers. 

-  Prepare to Teach:  Nothing gets one deeper into knowledge than preparing to teach your subject (whether you end up teaching or not, you’re ready!)

-  Two Minute Drills:  Prepared and ready to help at a moment’s notice

-  Conclude the study with an offsite gathering of fellow Apologists for a Conference, Sharing of ideas and plans, and encouragement / education in the Faith!


If this is something that interests you, please fill out the form below, and I’ll keep you posted on the status and roll out dates.

God bless you in your studies and ministry!


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