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Logic 101

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A Christian is called to use their mind.  Logic is one tool to use to discover Truth via the mind.  Christ is the Logos: the Word (aka reason, vision, logic or order).  So when we discover Truth via the mind we find order, and logic.  The tools of logic are the Premise, and the Conclusion.

Logic follows several basic rules: 

-The law of identity:  A is A

-The law of non-contradiction:  Non-A is not A

-The law of the excluded middle:  Something is either A or non-A

-The law of rational inference:  If A, then B

An argument is a series of propositions that follow rational inference, and result in a conclusion that is valid.

-All dogs are mammals

-This is a dog

-Therefore, this is a mammal

An argument that is invalid results from irrational inference of propositions

-All dogs are mammals

-All cats are mammals

-This is a mammal

– Therefore, this is a dog / cat

Key items to look for when someone is appealing to logic (even if they dont realize it) are signals such as:  "If", or "When" or 'Because"

Such as:  "If God can do all things and is all powerful, can He create a rock that even He can't move"?  Or: "If God created all things, did He create sin"?

What are the logical issues with these statements?  Let me know what you think!

Debate – Hypostatic Union

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One of the greatest Christian Apologist and debaters, William Lane Craig, debates Islam Apologist Yusuf Ismail on the Hypostatic Union – was Jesus just a man, or is He a man AND God?

Debate occured May 2010 in Capetown South Africa.

YouTube video is here.  Craig's remarks on the event are here.

Grace and Peace

Five Tough Questions

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Josh McDowell free Online!  A wonderful book from a master Apologist.  McDowell answers these five questions:  1) Is the Bible Completely Reliable?  2) What Should I Believe About Evolution?  3) Is Israel God's Chosen People?  4) Is the Church Necessary Today?  and 5) Are We Living In The End Times?

Not for all, but the man does truly love the Lord!

Grace and Peace!