Bill OReilly vs Atheism

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This just cracks me up.  O'Reilly takes on an atheist who thinks that all believers are scammed and know it!  Unbelievable hubris from this atheist.  O'Reilly tells the atheist that he can't explain the tides – and of course the dude thinks that the answer is 'the moon'.  He doesn't think too deeply does he?

Anyway – maybe not the most gentile of apologists – but for my money O'Reilly wins easily with the deeper argument that this dude just cant reach. 


 BUT WAIT!  It doesn't stop there!  Olberman takes up the charge and labels O'Reilly 'The worst person in the world'.  (huh?)

This guy gets apoplectic every day – and he does it again despite his ignorance of the real issue, just like the atheist above.

Oh well..

 So what do you think?  Is this any way to do Apologetics?  Seems he's trying, but just isn't clear and he certainly isn't doing it 'with gentleness and respect'.  But it is interesting to watch…


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