Juvenile Christianity – Christianity Today

                An article to make one think about the state of our maturity in the Church. Here's my favorite part: ...instead of naively thinking we can eliminate juvenilization, we should instead work to tame it by helping local congregations build an intergenerational way of life that fosters spiritual maturity. Pastors and youth leaders can begin by teaching what the Bible says about spiritual maturity, with a special … [Read more...]

Book Review: Who Made God – Edgar Andrews

This is the kind of Christian Apologetics book I enjoy reading. Most apologetics books rehash the same answers and arguments. Occasionally one brings some new insight, or at least a new way of explaining the answers such that it sparks new thought. This is that book. Fun to read, because the author clearly does not take himself too seriously (he utilizes the English cartoon character `Sooty' in one of his explanations for heavens sake!) yet attacks these serious subjects head on … [Read more...]

The Christianity I Dont Believe In

  Earlier I wrote a post indicating the Christianity I believe in – here now is a discussion of what I DON’T believe.  The point of this exercise is to help me think things through, as well as help clarify for those with struggles on debatable points, and also for those who love to pin these type of beliefs on us Christians, the Truth notwithstanding. Santa Claus God God is the Prime Mover; the Creator; the source of all Logic and Reason and Purpose (logos) and … [Read more...]

Polemics and the Abortion Debate

  Evangelical Oupost has a great article on the use of language and its sometimes passive/aggressive nature, as displayed in the abortion debate. Read it here They highlight the use of Euphemism, Ambiguity, Emotional Appeal, and Appeal to Authority Excellent reading for general study of polemics, as well as insight into the abortion debate Grace and peace Mike … [Read more...]

Proving Gods Existance with William Lane Craig

  So you probably have figured out by now that Dr Craig is one of my favorite apologists - he's so clear and concise and convincing - a good model. Watch here as he goes over some excellent reasons to believe that God exists   Enjoy! Grace and peace Mike … [Read more...]

Alister McGraths The Passionate Intellect

McGrath's new book The Passionate Intellect, has won the Book of the Year in the Apologetics / Evangelism category Here's a good review - go get the book! Christian theology is one of the most intellectually stimulating and exciting subjects it is possible to study, rich in resources for the life of faith and the ministry of the church. It has the capacity to excite, inspire and illuminate the human intellect, giving it a new passion and focus. For example, I came to appreciate … [Read more...]

Peter Singers Defense of Infanticide

Scott Klusendorf, defender of all life, has a great summary of the horror ethics of Princeton Ethicist Peter Singer. Here's an example of what passes for Ethics at a great American Institution: “Human babies are not born self-aware, or capable of grasping that they exist over time. They are not persons”; therefore, “the life of a newborn is of less value than the life of a pig, a dog, or a chimpanzee.” These are the times I am glad I studied apologetics and … [Read more...]

Gospel Reliability

One standard critique of Christianity is that the Biblical records are unreliable. OC Apologist has written a good summary of the book Without a Doubt by Kenneth Samples... Here's a summary: The New Testament documents are the best attested documents of antiquity in terms of total number of manuscripts.  The interval of time between the date of the original authorship and the date of the earliest New Testament manuscript copies is extremely short. The historic statements made … [Read more...]

Dr Craig At His Best

Some call it the humiliation of Dr Peter Atkins, but I'm just not comfortable with those words.  However, he does show how an Apologist can and should be knowledgeable, respectful, and aggressive in the defense of the Faith. Watch this and enjoy and learn both some realities about science, and how to conduct a discussion... Grace and Peace to you Mike … [Read more...]

Defending Christianity in 15 Minutes

JW Wartick of Always Have A Reason shows us How To Defend Christianity in 15 Minutes or Less Here's a quick summary: 1) God Exists 2) Christianity is Unique 3) Jesus is God A great example of how to put deep thought and Truth into as-easy-as-possible words for folks to understand God bless! Mike … [Read more...]