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Prayer for the Families of the Martyrs

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At Least 21 Killed and 80 Injured at New Years Mass in Egypt – al quaida suspected

Merciful God – we pray for the families of those martyred because of Your name.  Thank you for their witness, and their love for you, but deliver them from as much grief and pain as possible for their loss.  We pray for the attackers, that they would come under the guilt of their actions, and lead them to forgiveness and repentance from You

Help each of us remaining believers in Your Kingdom to fill our roles in Your Kingdom to continue the witness and bring the everlasting message to a hurting and dying world

In Jesus the Christ, our Lord's name above all names – AMEN

Humans May Have Originated In Israel

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Oh really?  Hmmm…

Of course we don't place too much of our faith on the newspaper, although it is interesting to see how things unfold.  NOte that they are dating it according to the level of soil the tooth was found in.

Many of you know by now that I don't care too much whether we're a young earth or an old earth – both are interesting but miss the point – and the point is:  What have you done to serve the Kingdom today?

God bless

The Grammy’s Destruction of Class and Beauty

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This news just hurts my soul – and makes an anger that I certainly hope is 'righteous'.  Seems that most of the songs nominated for Song of the Year at the next Grammy's are nothing but filth.  Replete with the F*** word, the N***** word and terrible themes, the Grammy's are celebrating the destruction of beauty.

Dennis Prager has an expose at National Review Online that describes more detail here.  Here's just an example of how we as a culture have "defined deviancy down":

Among the five nominees for Record of the Year is a song titled “F*** You,” with the F-word, of course, spelled out, and pronounced.

Here are the song’s opening lyrics:

I see you driving ’round town

With the girl I love and I’m like,

F*** you!

Oo, oo, ooo

I guess the change in my pocket

Wasn’t enough I’m like,

F*** you!

And f*** her too!

This is nominated for Song of the Year?!

What a reminder that we are to be the light of the world, thinking of things that are holy, righteous and pure.  It sure doesnt seem too hard to be 'set apart' in a world that has gone down the toilet as fast as this one

Keep shining beauty in the darkness – I truly believe that the people will crave it and seek out what makes you winsome as a Christian.  At the same time, say a prayer for our culture.

Grace and Peace-  Mike

Freedom of Religion in School

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You've heard the story over and over.  Supposedly a person is not allowed to mention the name of Christ in a Valedictory speech – they might offend someone!  Well the Supreme Court of Montana says that we can indeed mention His name!

"Among Renee Griffith’s planned comments were such statements as: “I didn’t let fear keep me from sharing Christ and His joy with those around me” — and “I learned not to be known for my grades…but for being committed to my faith and morals and being someone who lived with a purpose from God with a passionate love for Him.” She was ordered by school officials to replace “Christ” with the words “my faith”; and to amend the other statement to say she “lived with a purpose, a purpose derived from my faith and based on a love of mankind.”

Here's my favorite quote from the piece:  "The best thing Christians can do is to encourage their children to do well in school and to study apologetics."  AMEN!

Pass it on…

Grace and Peace to you


Penalty for Praying

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Well officially it was 'delay of game' or 'bringing attention to one's self', but in either case it was a penalty for praying.

Makes one have to consider 'what is important' to people – especially that official.  He's just doing his job?  Do you think this is an indication that the official is not a Christian?  Would a Christian do that to another because its 'the rules'?

How can we use this piece of popular culture to spread the Gospel?

Maybe something like "Why would that official do that?"  or "I hope I don't get penalized for my beliefs"

What do you think?