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Cogito, Ergo Credo: I Think, Therefore I BELIEVE


The famous philosopher Rene Descarte struggled with the concept of certain knowledge.  “What can we ever really know for sure?” he wondered.  After long contemplation he realized that he can, at the least, be certain of his own existence, because he is aware that it must be him who is thinking (Cogito, Ergo Sum:  I think, therefore I exist!)

The 21st Century Christian struggles with a similar dilemma.  Under constant attack from a secular culture, we are sometimes discredited as being ‘less than intelligent,’ which can lead to doubt or withdrawal.

The Study of Christian Apologetics is the study of the evidences supporting the Faith.  If Christianity is indeed the Truth, we would expect to have great reasons to believe.  Some of these reasons include:

  • Philosophical Knowledge
  • Scientific Knowledge
  • Spiritual Knowledge

The Christian can be intellectually confident in his faith, because “Cogito, Ergo Credo – I Think, Therefore I Believe!”