Book Review: Who Made God – Edgar Andrews

This is the kind of Christian Apologetics book I enjoy reading. Most apologetics books rehash the same answers and arguments. Occasionally one brings some new insight, or at least a new way of explaining the answers such that it sparks new thought. This is that book. Fun to read, because the author clearly does not take himself too seriously (he utilizes the English cartoon character `Sooty' in one of his explanations for heavens sake!) yet attacks these serious subjects head on … [Read more...]

Alister McGraths The Passionate Intellect

McGrath's new book The Passionate Intellect, has won the Book of the Year in the Apologetics / Evangelism category Here's a good review - go get the book! Christian theology is one of the most intellectually stimulating and exciting subjects it is possible to study, rich in resources for the life of faith and the ministry of the church. It has the capacity to excite, inspire and illuminate the human intellect, giving it a new passion and focus. For example, I came to appreciate … [Read more...]

Gospel Reliability

One standard critique of Christianity is that the Biblical records are unreliable. OC Apologist has written a good summary of the book Without a Doubt by Kenneth Samples... Here's a summary: The New Testament documents are the best attested documents of antiquity in terms of total number of manuscripts.  The interval of time between the date of the original authorship and the date of the earliest New Testament manuscript copies is extremely short. The historic statements made … [Read more...]

Dr Craig At His Best

Some call it the humiliation of Dr Peter Atkins, but I'm just not comfortable with those words.  However, he does show how an Apologist can and should be knowledgeable, respectful, and aggressive in the defense of the Faith. Watch this and enjoy and learn both some realities about science, and how to conduct a discussion... Grace and Peace to you Mike … [Read more...]

Defending Christianity in 15 Minutes

JW Wartick of Always Have A Reason shows us How To Defend Christianity in 15 Minutes or Less Here's a quick summary: 1) God Exists 2) Christianity is Unique 3) Jesus is God A great example of how to put deep thought and Truth into as-easy-as-possible words for folks to understand God bless! Mike … [Read more...]

Peter and Paul Die for Christ

Dr Clay Jones from Biola University (my alma mater!) builds a defense on why Peter and Paul believed so much that Christ died and rose again that they went to their death for it.  He utilizes what we call the Two Minute Drill (he refers to it as the 200 word answer: In apologetics we provide argument and evidence for the truth of historic Christianity. For example, consider Jesus’ resurrection. We know that Jesus’ disciples walked with Jesus, talked with Jesus, and ate with … [Read more...]

Atheists Position on Morality

Ok - I have to admit, debating is one of my favorite things to do.  I love exploring both sides of a thought, and listening to smart people present and respond to criticism of their positions.  It generates and encourages deep thought, and forces us to really know what we're thinking. Just discovered a new blog, and a great set of debates - True Here's a fun debate with an atheist defending his moralilty - watch and learn.  It's a hoot! Grace and … [Read more...]

Is God a Moral Monster?

  The Evangelical Philosophical Society posted an interview with Dr Paul Copan on the subject of God's 'questionable' moral activities, particularly in the Old Testament. You may know he just released a book on this subject - good reading. Grace and Peace Mike     … [Read more...]

Monkeys plus Eternity equals What?

  You may have heard a defender of Materialism suggest the notion that random results plus enough time could easily produce order.  This is a typical assertion, defending the idea that given enough time, it is reasonable to believe that the chemicals in the priobiotic soup could eventually form DNA... They sometimes use an alliteration using monkeys and typewriters, that given enough time they could write the complete works of Shakespeare. Well, it appears that someone has … [Read more...]

Christianity and The Truth

  Here's a nice essay from Thinking Christian... Called "The Truth Holds Us", it is a summary of how we as Christians must begin an apologetic, with the stance that 'we know the Truth and other's don't", which is very irritating to those we may be speaking with... For your contemplation... Grace and Peace … [Read more...]