Dr Craig At His Best

Some call it the humiliation of Dr Peter Atkins, but I'm just not comfortable with those words.  However, he does show how an Apologist can and should be knowledgeable, respectful, and aggressive in the defense of the Faith. Watch this and enjoy and learn both some realities about science, and how to conduct a discussion... Grace and Peace to you Mike … [Read more...]

Atheists Position on Morality

Ok - I have to admit, debating is one of my favorite things to do.  I love exploring both sides of a thought, and listening to smart people present and respond to criticism of their positions.  It generates and encourages deep thought, and forces us to really know what we're thinking. Just discovered a new blog, and a great set of debates - True FreeThinker.com Here's a fun debate with an atheist defending his moralilty - watch and learn.  It's a hoot! Grace and … [Read more...]

The Grand Debate – Smackdown in Mexico

Seriously!  Debate in a boxing ring! Saturday Nov 13 2010 in Puebla Mexico, William Lane Craig, Douglass Geivett and Rabbi David Wolpe debate Richard Dawkins, Matt Ridley and Michael Shermer.  The Topic:  Does the Universe Have a Purpose? Love this stuff... Here go... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hnqo4_X7PE&feature=channel … [Read more...]

Debate – Hypostatic Union

One of the greatest Christian Apologist and debaters, William Lane Craig, debates Islam Apologist Yusuf Ismail on the Hypostatic Union - was Jesus just a man, or is He a man AND God? Debate occured May 2010 in Capetown South Africa. YouTube video is here.  Craig's remarks on the event are here. Grace and Peace … [Read more...]