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Atheists Position on Morality

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Ok – I have to admit, debating is one of my favorite things to do.  I love exploring both sides of a thought, and listening to smart people present and respond to criticism of their positions.  It generates and encourages deep thought, and forces us to really know what we're thinking.

Just discovered a new blog, and a great set of debates – True

Here's a fun debate with an atheist defending his moralilty – watch and learn.  It's a hoot!

Grace and peace…


Debate – Hypostatic Union

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One of the greatest Christian Apologist and debaters, William Lane Craig, debates Islam Apologist Yusuf Ismail on the Hypostatic Union – was Jesus just a man, or is He a man AND God?

Debate occured May 2010 in Capetown South Africa.

YouTube video is here.  Craig's remarks on the event are here.

Grace and Peace