Ken Boa – A Brief History of Apologetics

From his free site - Ken Boa describes a historical overview of Apologetics from Faith Has its Reasons.  Helpful for many reasons, including keeping in mind where we're going with it. Enjoy - Grace and Peace to you Mike … [Read more...]

Five Tough Questions

Josh McDowell free Online!  A wonderful book from a master Apologist.  McDowell answers these five questions:  1) Is the Bible Completely Reliable?  2) What Should I Believe About Evolution?  3) Is Israel God's Chosen People?  4) Is the Church Necessary Today?  and 5) Are We Living In The End Times? Not for all, but the man does truly love the Lord! Grace and Peace! … [Read more...]

Pensees – Blaise Pascal

Pascal's classic apologetic with a LOT of defenses of the faith.  Pensees, literally meaning 'thoughts', includes the famous Wager. Another great Apologetic-nerd resource... Grace and Peace! … [Read more...]

Summa Theologica – Aquinas

Free Online!  A classic of Christian literature, Aquinas constructed a compilation of the sum of contemporary theological teachings of his time.  Includes his famous 'Five Ways' of proving God's existence. Great fun for a true Apologetics / Doctrine / Philosophy / History of Religion nerd... Grace and Peace... … [Read more...]