Defending Christianity in 15 Minutes

JW Wartick of Always Have A Reason shows us How To Defend Christianity in 15 Minutes or Less Here's a quick summary: 1) God Exists 2) Christianity is Unique 3) Jesus is God A great example of how to put deep thought and Truth into as-easy-as-possible words for folks to understand God bless! Mike … [Read more...]

JP Moreland – The Case for Christianity

  One of my favorite prof's at Biola - JP Moreland.  A 3 part video of him giving The Case for Christianity Enjoy Grace and Peace to all of you Mike       … [Read more...]

Why Does Anything Exist

Video of one of my old prof's William Lane Craig at Wake Forest University in 2008.  Tons of fun for those who have ever wondered whether the simple existance of anything is more likely than nothing ever existing at all... Enjoy! Grace and peace... Mike … [Read more...]

Biola Online

My alma mater, Biola University, is world renown for its Masters Program in Christian Apologetics.  It is the home of such Apologists as William Lane Craig, and Programs such as the Torrey Honors Institute. They are online now, with free info from the 2009 Chapel Programs, as well as videos from the Defending the Faith Series on iTunes … [Read more...]