The False Choice – Logic 101

Yesterday, we featured a post in which Razi Zacharias conducted a review of Stephen Hawking's new book The Grand Design, in which Ravi mentions that Hawking is presenting a "False Choice".  What is a "False Choice" A False Choice is a logic error that is usually an aggressive attempt by someone making an argument, attempting to limit you to usually undesirable options.  He will present you with a question, and then give you several options for answers - except … [Read more...]

Logic 101

A Christian is called to use their mind.  Logic is one tool to use to discover Truth via the mind.  Christ is the Logos: the Word (aka reason, vision, logic or order).  So when we discover Truth via the mind we find order, and logic.  The tools of logic are the Premise, and the Conclusion. Logic follows several basic rules:  -The law of identity:  A is A -The law of non-contradiction:  Non-A is not A -The law of the excluded middle:  Something is … [Read more...]