Christianity and the Brain

Christian Apologetics

A great website True Free Thinker has a wonderful post that explores our favorite militant atheist on their pursuit proving that people of faith are 'insane'.   “The Neural Correlates of Religious and Nonreligious Belief” – Sam Harris’ Neuroscientific Escapades

Pretty deep, cool stuff.  Here's an example…

In Sam Harris we are dealing with a person who has admitted that he did not get into the field of science in order to perform the ideal task of an unbiased researcher who is prepared to do away with a lifetime’s worth of research and published opinions when it is toppled by contradicting evidence. Rather, we are dealing with someone who holds to an a priori conclusion and has become a scientist in order to, as I will state it, seek to find evidence that will reinforce his conclusions and or place a thin veneer of scientific respectability as a façade around his militant atheistic opinions


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