Cogito, Ergo Credo

I Think, Therefore I Believe

Cogito, Ergo Sum

Malicious Demons?  Or the Matrix?  WHAT?

Rene Descartes is famous for pursuing Truth via philosophy to its logical conclusion.  He believed that we should not believe anything is True until we have established grounds that it is True.

In his thought experiment that includes that malicious demon – he questioned whether we really can know anything at all, since that demon could be giving our senses an incomplete or even a totally inaccurate reading (since all we really know about the world is via our senses – we have to assume that we are sensing things correctly!)

Similar to the “are we just a brain in a vat” concern, popularized by the recent Matrix movies.

Anyway, poor old Descartes finally concluded that there was one thing – only one thing – that we can KNOW with certainty.

And that is that it is me who is doing the thinking.  SO – I think, therefore I exist.

In Latin, that’s Cogito, Ergo Sum.

Cogito, Ergo Credo  

The 21st Century Christian struggles with a similar dilemma.

Under constant attack from a secular culture, we are sometimes discredited as being 'less than intelligent', which can lead to doubt or withdrawal.  Or possibly even anger and retribution.

Faith is misunderstood as blind belief.

Biblical evidence is totally misunderstood by people who have never taken its study seriously, and do nothing but read it at a surface level, looking for the verses that proof their pre-arranged points better than the average heretic!

But if one truly goes where the evidence leads, the result is the Christian worldview. 

It shouldn’t be surprising – if the Truth on our side. 

With an open and inquisitive mind (aka a healthy skepticism), and a holistic analysis of all questions philosophical, spiritual, and physical, one can easily conclude that the most reasonable worldview is the Christian worldview.

The Study of Christian Apologetics is the study of those evidences leading to Faith.

That’s what we pursue on this site – and what can help enable us as Christians to move forward in serving the Kingdom with confidence and purpose.

To paraphrase Descartes – "Cogito, Ergo Credo” - I Think, Therefore I Believe

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