Do We Need A Darker Christmas

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The Evangelical Outpost has a different take for us to consider – that Christmas shouldn't be all happy and sweet!?

We Need a Darker Christmas is a little thought provoking…

We needn’t dwell on the darkness, but we need to recognize that we live in the midst of darkness, for it’s only the people who walked in darkness who have seen a great light.  Only then can we distinguish the true light of Christ from the cheap thrill of a string of lightbulbs, and only then can we begin to bring the wonder of that Light to a dark world.

The point is that Christmas needs to remember why Christ had to come – not just that He did come (if we even remember that, as a society.)  So what do you think?  Should Christmas be a joyous time, or a solumn time?  Can it be both?  Shouldn't it be joyous BECAUSE we know of the solemnity of the curse of sin? 

I think I get the point, but prefer to be happy about the coming of Christ…

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