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You've heard the story over and over.  Supposedly a person is not allowed to mention the name of Christ in a Valedictory speech – they might offend someone!  Well the Supreme Court of Montana says that we can indeed mention His name!

"Among Renee Griffith’s planned comments were such statements as: “I didn’t let fear keep me from sharing Christ and His joy with those around me” — and “I learned not to be known for my grades…but for being committed to my faith and morals and being someone who lived with a purpose from God with a passionate love for Him.” She was ordered by school officials to replace “Christ” with the words “my faith”; and to amend the other statement to say she “lived with a purpose, a purpose derived from my faith and based on a love of mankind.”

Here's my favorite quote from the piece:  "The best thing Christians can do is to encourage their children to do well in school and to study apologetics."  AMEN!

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