The Christianity I Believe In

I find that a lot of people argue against, or are dismayed with what they think Christianity is.  They assume that all Believers believe thes things, and lump us all in a group and attack that group.  Often, they pin a belief on us that they ‘think’ we believe, and argue against that.  Yes – this is basic ‘straw man’ arguing.

It’s kind of annoying to be expected to ‘defend’ something I don’t believe.  It’s also annoying to see other Christian’s proclaim, yet be unable to defend those beliefs that are indefensible – these perpetuate some of these very issues that the non-believer have withour faith!

So – I decided to document a few of the beliefs that I will indeed defend.  I think I’ll also make a posting page that lists the items that I can’t believe also, so they can be quite clear.

I’m sure that we all won’t agree, but hopefully we can have some good discussion, for the good of the Kingdom! 


The Prime Mover

Something created it all – that something has to be outside of space and time, because space and time “came to be”.  This something is what we call God.  Logic, and the concept of Truth exists, and are immaterial. It makes sense that they order the cosmos – yet are not a ‘part’ of it.  This is God (aka ‘the Word’).  This entity evidently chose to do His creative acts for a purpose – this is the mark of a mind – aka a person.

It makes more sense to me that matter comes from mind, than mind from matter.  I have no ability to imagine something (no – everything!) coming from nothing; or order coming from evident total chaos (a-la the Big Bang); or life coming from non-life.  Naturalists and atheists must defend these positions.  All a Christian has to defend is the acknowledgement that everything that we see ‘evidently’ has a beginning, and that it all had to start somewhere – and that somewhere has to be something that did not have a beginning!  And this something that by definition has no beginning needs no explanation of a beginning.  This being is God.

Purpose, Love, and Relationships

Love seems to be the highest order of creation – it is a central theme of our lives, and drives the pursuit of relationships – another God ordained activity.  Love is immaterial (not just a chemical reaction), therefore its origin is similar to that described above.  Now this is a critical point – it drives the purpose of our lives.  We are all created with this capacity to love, and this is one item in which we reflect the image of God.  Therefore ALL humans are special creatures, despite their actions.  Christians love ALL people because they are special – we love them Ontologically (because of what they are), not because of what they do or don’t do.

Managing relationships is one of the central most important things that a Christian does, because each person is born with the need to love and be loved.

Christ, Grace, Peace and Hope

Grace is the central thesis of Christianity – it is what we are all about.  We have received acceptance by the Creator because of His mercy, not because of our actions.  The death and resurrection of the Christ enabled and displayed this in our world – this is why we are followers of Christ.  Because we are redeemed, we have Peace with the Creator and can have Peace with others.  Because we are redeemed we have hope both for this world in which we struggle, and in the final purpose of life to come – the union with the Ultimate Mind and Ultimate Purpose – God.

The Church

Believers are called to be together and to worship God, teach, and support each other.  We are to use this base of support as we venture into the dark to help others who are looking for our help. 

Like I said earlier, I think I’ll also make a listing of the things that I don’t believe in.  The only reason to do this is because it seems I’m asked to defend a lot of these things, for some reason…


  1. Hey Mike – I'm interested in ordering the curriculum, but can't find the link.  Can you help?

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  3. Michael Kelly says:

    Dear Mike:
    Just want to say thanks for your site and ministry.  I just discovered you.  I just happen to find your site by looking up an Apologetics Book on Amazon.  I would love to go through your Apologetics 101 course.  I have always loved apologetics, and have had the same idea of putting similiar info. on powerpoint, but I see you have already done it.  My question is, not being extremely computer literate, once the curriculum is downloaded to my computer, then I assume that can be loaded onto a flash drive, to be able to take to church and presented?  Thanks, and glad I discovered you.

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